( Estb... 1989 )




    WELLINGTON:          PO Box 50-333



    AUCKLAND:              PO Box 44-045

                                        Pt Chevalier



    Christchurch   c/o PO Box 50-333



               PH : 0800289966



Second Chance Enterprises    

was started in 1989  by   Peter Jan,

Pip Gordon-Lane, Joan McMillan and Marguerite Smith  to provide employment opportunities for
people with a psychiatric disability, today there is a staff of over sixty people covering Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland, working in a variety of jobs from Sales in secondhand goods, composting,Transport/ Delivery and online trading.


ZooDoo is one of our activities and was founded in New Zealand by Peter Jan in 1988, Second Chance  Enterprises was  given the rights to produce and sell ZooDoo on the condition that all money made goes back to people with disabilities.

We have three branches of ZooDoo, one in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. They involve taking the manure from the city zoo’s, saving rate payers thousands of dollars in dumping fees.

The Manure is composted bagged and sold to garden centres and customers through our free home delivery service.

For more information on ZooDoo products click on this link to go to the ZooDoo website:

Endangered Faeces another business activity run by Second Chance.

These are little elephants, rhino’s and hippo’s made from their own doo, which has been heat sterilised. They are for use on outdoor pot and container plants and when watered, slowly dissolve releasing their nutrients.

Endangered Faeces come attractively boxed and are available from selected gift shops, or you can order them online and have them delivered to your door.